Thursday, July 30, 2009

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Job searching.

I have been complaining for years about getting a new job. However, the only thing I have done to get said job is bitch and moan and make twenty different resumes. We all know that will not get the job done.

I am in graduate school (as if you didn't know) and decided I wanted a new job in my field by February of next year or maybe stick it out at my current job a little longer – until I graduate. Nevertheless, I realize I cannot do it. I just cannot. When you know, it is time to go you need to go and I have known for the past three years. So, what am I finally doing about it beside bitch, moan and make more resumes. I went and talked to Career Services at my current university. Before I go any further, if you are currently attending a university or an alum and looking for a job you should contact your school. I do not know about my undergrad, but my graduate contact says she is handling a lot of alum right now. As she stated, “you pay a lot of money to attend this university and this is what you pay for.” Can the church say Amen. I think information sharing is great and although I knew a lot going into the meeting, she listened, gave me a lot of confidence and another view of the situation. Although I can listen to other peoples problems, analyze and give feedback. So, let’s get it cracking.


I know, I know. Who sucked their teeth? Majority of jobs come from networking. You need to make sure you are building that network. We all know it is all about who you know. That is why Ant Man is working for the F.BI and you know damn well he probably should not, but hey, it is what it is.

Urban, I do not know how to network? I do not know anyone.

Sure you do. Do you belong to any professional organizations? If not you probably should and start attending some meetings. What about Church organizations, the PTA, or other groups? You are communicating all the time; make sure you are keeping those lines of communication opened. In addition, there are professional networking websites like LinkedIn. Try it out.

As the CareerGuru (let’s call her that) asked me.

CG: If someone called you for help, would you help him or her?
Urban: Absolutely.
CG: So why wouldn’t they help you.
Urban: Point well taken.


Ugh. I hate them with a passion, but you need one. You need to read your resume to make sure it reflects you. Now I have done my resume a trillion time and I want to get out of finance but guess what when I look at it, it screams finance. I know this and was hardheaded and reluctant to change it until I went to a Job fair and everyone kept telling me they were hiring in accounting.

Make sure your resume is tailored to the job you want. Your marketing yourself. Get a group of trusted friends to look at your resume and let them critique it for misspelled words, grammar issues – and it should not be ten pages. HR professional don’t have time and will toss your resume and we don’t really need to know what you were doing in 1972 unless its really significant (not).

There are plenty of places on the web that you can get free samples of resumes. I am about to change my resume yet again (shut up) to a functional one. Career Guru suggested the change. I do not totally agree with her, I am thinking of doing a chronological/functional. You know what they say about hard heads and a soft ass.


We did not talk about dress code I got that one covered, but you know it is a BIG pet peeve of mine. I cannot tell you how many people I see at job fairs and coming to my place of business for interviews dressed inappropriately. Yes, in 2009 there is still a dress code. Hell I was just reading somewhere that some companies ban sleeveless shirts or that they have to be 3 inches (who is measuring). What I am trying to say is dress as if you got some damn sense. Leave the club gear at home. I still stick with the navy, black or dark suit and heels. That’s just me. Small earrings. No Mr. T. My yellow polish is taken off for a neutral.

Job Fair

I know I gave up on job fairs, but CareerGuru talked me into going because AGAIN, she had some great points.

Here are my complaints. They do not take your resume – majority of the time. Their famous words – if you go on our website. My thoughts – why are you here, hell I knew that already.

CareerGuru response. I hear you and I understand what your saying. However, you can get their card, which have their name on it and you can follow up. In addition, you can practice your interviewing techniques. Introducing yourself and NETWORKING with other job lookers in the crowd.

She had a point. That’s’ why I went to the Federal Job Fair, which was much better than the other ones I attended. Everyone was dressed in their dark clothing and shoes (until I took mines off because I was not trying to get a corn – sorry. Yeah, I know I broke my own rule, but I got a card). All in all it was okay. It was crowded and you had to wait in long lines (6,000 people attended the fair), but out of the six places I stopped at, I gave away three resumes. Sweet.

This is my – I am trying to get a job gear.

Almost forgot. In conclusion, you need to set goals and treat your job search like a job. Schedule a day or two and in the words of the CareerGuru you only need one job - so get them resumes out there and get your one job. I hope mine is right around the corner. I hope this can help someone, it sure helped me.

I had a phone interview last Friday. Will talk about that later this is already long as heck.


Anonymous said...

I'd offer you some advice, but I don't think you need ANY. If you stay on this path, it's just a matter of time now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing that's great advice!

Virtuous said...

Gurl this post encouraged me to bush up on some things. I am TERRIBLE at networking and I really "still" need to change the type of resume I have and update it with my current job now ;op

Great!! @ Fed Job Fair

Wishing you many blessings with your job search...all you need is 1 (good) one! :o)

The Guru gave great advice!!
Thanks for taking the time to share it woman!!