Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mr. Stefon will be my Sewing Teacher!!

Mr. Stefon will be my sewing teacher. Imagine that.

He HATES tennis camp and let us know about it every chance he gets. Well at the beginning anyway. His biggest complaint. He is out of school and he doesn’t understand why they are forcing him to do work. Um, because you should. He wants to go over my moms house so he can hang with his cousins. NOPE. He needs the extra work. Plus, I like the fact that they make their behinds run everyday too WHICH HE HATES. Oh well, life is oh so hard for him. He has met Se.rena and went to see her play FOR FREE when she was in town, he was not impressed. A trip I tell you. At 3 they are allowed to do extra activities, chess, sewing, computers or more tennis.

He came home the other day and told me he knew how to thread the sewing machine and everything. I said, wow you can teach me. He says he loves it!! Here is the surprising part. Mr. Conservative is all for it. YES after the boy start knitting, I thought the man was going to have a heart attack.

We were on our way to Safeway to get 4th of July crap and the convo went like this.

Mr. Stefon: Mommy we did “whatever” in sewing class and I think I want to do my own t-shirts and sell them.
Urban: Well it sounds like you have a plan. We can look into it. Maybe, get you a little machine and then you can teach me.
Mr. Conservative: Yeah, I will help you if you serious.

HOLD UP!! Is that my husband? My baby fava? Mr. Why you teaching him how to knit?!

Anywho, I am happy he jumped onboard. I don’t believe in that old crap a boy is suppose to……. And a girl is suppose to…… Nope not I. But I think you all knew that about me anyway.

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