Friday, July 17, 2009

Mindless Vacation


That is what my husband and I took. Well not actually. It wasn’t planned. I was taking days earlier in the week and he later in the week and we would only have two days to enjoy together because we both needed a vacation to do nothing. Our jobs have been working our booty.

This is my office during the audit.

Well because of the audit, it moved my vacation during the same time as his so we have spent the last week and a half acting like fools.

Remember his complaint that I only cook big breakfast on the weekend when he has to work. Whatever! Homeboy went and bought all the ingredients for the pancakes so I can make them because we were out of the mix. So, I decided to be a good little wife and make him turkey bacon, pancakes and an omelet and when he got back from dropping the kids off at tennis camp, work and the subway. I served him the pancakes wearing nothing but these.

Needless to say, he wanted his pancakes served that way everyday that we were home. Unfortunately, I could not oblige him because Mr. Stefon got sick at camp and had to spend two days home with us. Well, we tried everything to get him better so he can roll out. He loves my homemade chicken soup and requested it. Well, momma sure obliged and pulled out the orange juice, medication and then some. I think what really cured him was the no t.v. In all honesty, I knew he was sick because when we got him from camp he went right upstairs, took a shower and went to sleep……..with no t.v. on. No cartoon network – yup, sick. Called Kaiser, worked it out with advice nurse and sent him on his merry way after the second day.

It was nice being home. Running around the city doing whatever, even if it wasn’t planned. Especially since the real vacation is with the leeches. – Oh did I tell you I am making the oldest two spend some of their hard earned money. Gotta love it!!


Adrienne said...

Girl your office...WOW

Virtuous said...

Now THAT is breakfast! LOL

Nik said...

your FAST butt.

i need to know where you bought those shoes *lol*