Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back Down Memory Lane 2

Back down memory lane part 2. Includes – bus driver companion, hummer guy and professor.

I guess I start with the professor because it wasn’t a biggy.

Professor Logic and Religion (2 diff classes)

I went to Anger Mgmt school to register her AGAIN. Can I tell you all how much I hate the registration process annually for my kids in D.C. One reason why I hate it…….IT DEFEATS ITS OWN PURPOSE!! Purpose – to catch people who do not live in D.C. putting their kids in D.C. school and making them pay if they want them to continue going to the school. However, they never catch the people. Same with the summer job program – still a whole of people from MD and VA working. Anywho…

I come down the hall an see my old Logic and Religion (or something like that) Professor.

Excuse me sir do you know the way to my university? We had a good time catching up. I have a crazy story about the boy in my Religion class who drank everyone stuff when they got up from their seat, but that will take too much time – another post.

We be clubbing!!

Okay, so Friday I went out with one of my BFF for happy hour. We started out at Jas.pers and then ended up at that Lounge Freaks – remember Hummer dude. Now let me tell you. I was LIT!! I am too damn old to start off drinking at one club and then go to another Jeez. I had three DELICIOUS margarita at Jaspers (and was so busy at work I did not eat lunch – can you say disaster). Thank Gawd I am married and was not looking for any dudes because I ate so much food at the bar they either thought I was preggers or damn right greedy. When it came time to leave, the guy I was talking to said, I can’t wait to see you get up, that’s the best part! What son, they don’t know me! I will hold on for dear life not to be embarrassed.

Get inside of the Lounge and it was boring and funky. I am sitting at the bar and this chica says.

Crazy Club Chica: Hey Gurl!!!!!!!
Urban looking at my friend like Biatch she is talking to you.
CCC: Gurl, don’t you act like you don’t know me!!
Is she talking to me, because I KNOW I never met her old ass!!
Tell me why she get up, come over where I was and started hugging me!! What happened to personal space. I really don’t know you girl. But of course, I just blank stare.

CCC: We use to ride the bus together in the morning! I started the petition!
Memory snap – thank goodness. HEY GURL!!! Phony as hell. She then whisper in my ear.

You know my son got five years. Nope. BINGO! No wonder she looks so damn old. Last time I seen her she was slim and trim, every bit of 40 something giving 20 year olds a run for their money. Um, not any more, that worrying has put a major whip ass on her.

Okay, I have a question. Why do people tell me shit? I mean I really don’t mind but I just think some shit I would leave out. For instance, BIL mamma buying weed like its tictacs or my sister hitting him upside the head with a pole and stabbing his dumb ass in the neck OR CCC son getting five years – I can go on and on. I’m thinking I probably would not share some of those things with a stranger but okay.

By the way, while we were there we did run into Hummer Dude but he tried to play dumb because he was with his girlfriend. I had fun chatting her up. He tried to talk when she went to the bathroom all innocent. He still looked like he put ALL of his money in that gas guzzler.

They had this jukebox in the place that took me forever to play music. Maybe 15 minutes to pick stuff. When I got back to the bar my BFF was talking to these two dudes. Scrubs.

I heard their convo and was not interested. She tried to introduce me and I was not having it. I could just tell ewe. So, this is what I hear.

BFF: Wait. You have a wife, baby momma and a girl.
Scrub #1: yeah.
BFF: Wow
Scrub #2: You can hang with that right.
BFF: Nope not at all.
Scrub #1. It wouldn’t be so bad if she (girlfriend) wasn’t so stupid. I mean I can’t hold a conversation with her ass.
BFF: So why are you with her?
Scrub #1: (laughing) Why you think?
BFF: So why not stay with your wife then? Convo and booty.
Scrub #1: Different reasons shorty.
Scrub #1 and #2: Nice meeting you – ya’ll have a good time.
Scrub #1 phone ringing: This her right here. This should be you calling me. What’s your number so I can put it in my phone.
BFF: No, no thank you. Ya’ll have fun.


Ex coworker called and wants me to come to his cookout and a old friend like middle school got in contact with me.

I feel like my husband that fool ALWAYS run into people. It’s a running joke. If we go somewhere he will run into someone and sure enough he does, but DC is small and he is a native Washingtonian. The big difference between me and my husband - he knows EVERY single one. If not, he has no problem telling them. How do I know? This guy came to him, called him by name, gave him dap and Mr. Conservative was like dude I don’t know you. Remember the championship game, blah, blah. Yeah, I remember it and everyone on the team. When we were out of earshot I said are you sure you don’t remember him. He said I remember everyone that was on that damn team and his ass was not on it unless he was wwwaaaayyyy down on the bench and I still don’t think he was on the team.

Whatever. An old friend is trying to come back into my life. I don't know how I feel about that - we'll discuss later - you know I am slow with posting. And an old enemy too. I don't really have enemies, but this one girl. I.Just.Don't.Like!

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