Monday, August 17, 2009


Now, I got in the house about 2ish and had to be at the hair salon at 9 AND I had to take public transit because Mr. Conservative had to work. Man I was tired. I got on the wrong bus but it worked itself out.

Now, I already have color in my hair and I am trying to grow it out. I have not grown my hair out in years. I will chop it for no damn reason. It will grow back. I also color it maybe once a year – streaked. Well I decided my streaks were growing out too much and decided to let her streak it. Mind you, this is the second time I am going to her. I am in search of a new hairdresser. Well we pick the color and all that and she goes through everything and I see her looking funny.

Urban: What?
Dumbass: Your hair is um..
Urban: WHAT!
Dumbass: Well, it didn’t come out how WE thought. Its brighter, not light.
Urban: Well I am not worried too much if it is near the color. It will work its self out.
Dumbass: do you want to see the color.
Urban: No. What good would it do? It’s not going to change anything.

When she wrapped my hair I could see the color but of course it looks darker wet, so I said well its not that bad. Well when it dried and she did my hair. I was like WTF!!!! She started telling me how pretty the color is. Okay, granted the color is cute and I like it. Hell I had red/organge before. BUT I am looking for a job and not with the damn circus. OH and when I had it before, the damn shampoo girl put the rinse in and did not tell me. She made a mistake. Lawd I have so many salon tales.

Anywho, she did my hair in this funky way. Which hey, I will rock it. I am already rocking orange, yellow, red. I don’t know the damn color.


Mr. Stefon is playing his PSP when I come in the house. So I don’t say anything. I look at him and his mouth is WIDE open. Mommy are you okay? Can someone please tell me why I would not be okay. (asshole).

Anger Mgmt comes down the steps. I am in the kitchen. I can tell someone is staring at me so I turn around and sure enough – her ass is standing there with her mouth covered, like in a horror movie. I can’t wait for daddy to see your hair!

Collegeboy comes up the steps looks at me and says nothing (see, this is why I love him, but why his wife will be pissed with him,he doesn't notice anything). He just carries on a conversation. Then of course, Anger mgmt has to say. DO YOU SEE HER HAIR? He said yeah, its just different like all the other stuff she gets. (who is she?)

Mr. Conservative comes in and looks at it and said. Did you ask her to do that? NO. How come you didn’t stop her? HOW can I when I think she is doing what she suppose to. I like it. Didn’t you have your hair like that before? Yup, but it was a rinse. This shit is permanent. Well he likes it and so does everyone else but damn.

Oh AND this shit is not streaked its over my WHOLE head. I don’t get it. She put that little cap thing around my head. But oh well.

This was my hair for the 4th of July. I can't find another picture with the streaks. my hair looks a little darker here. See how short it is. This is when I decided to start growing it out. I call this the Five Heart Beats cut because of the Poof in the front and no hair on the sides - think Chr.isete Miche.lle.

Weekend post coming up and I will try to take a picture outside which is much brighter.

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Sheila said...

Sorry for laughing, but what if you put a dark rinse on top of the currnt color to temper it down a little.