Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Step on a crack break your momma back

........or maybe a heel. Remember that old rhyme. I do.....I wonder if kids still do that stuff. Anywho. What it do folks!?!

I truly believe that a crack is what caused my heel to break. This is the second heel I have actually broken and I have had numerous heels almost stripped of its leather due to the cracks in D.C. sidewalks. I always try and look down so I do not step on a crack because your heel will get stuck - at least downtown where I work at anyway. I have never had this problem before working down here or maybe because the heels are skinny now and they can fit through the cracks.

I did not have a second pair of shoes at work because I call myself cleaning house about a month or two ago. Since Mr. Conservative was getting off work I just had him come and pick me up. His ass laughed while I dragged my leg to the car. He told me it look like I was trying to do the Stanky Leg. See how much spousal support I get from him. Gotta love it.

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