Tuesday, August 04, 2009

MP3 versus IPOD

I can careless about name brand items except for my applesauce. Some things have to be name brand. I can only do Motts. I love peanut butter as we discussed before and I have not noticed a big difference in taste between the brands. Moving on from food.

Everyone in my household has some sort of Apple product, shuffle, nano, first generation, and all the others except me and I can care less. I can do all types of stuff with my MP3 player however, I call my player an Ipod. Not because it is one or I want it to be one. Its just because that is what I known them to be before saying MP3 player. I love it because I can play FM radio and all that good stuff.

Conversation with family.

Urban: Anger mgmt pass me my Ipod.
Anger Mgmt: You mean your MP3 player.
Urban: You know what I mean.
Anger Mgmt: No. You said Ipod. Why do you keep calling this thing an Ipod? You know it is a MP3 player.
Urban: So what! Just give it to me. My MP3 player is just as good as ya’ll funky IPOD.
College boy: Mommy, why don’t you stop being cheap and buy you an IPod.
Urban: How am I cheap? Who bought yours? Your sister and brother’s? I believe it was I. I don’t want one! If I want one I could have one. Dang all this because I called it an IPOD.
Anger Mgmt: Yes, because it is not an IPOD. Be proud of your little MP3 player.
Urban: Whatever. Stop hating on my player because it has a FM radio.
College boy: Yeah we are really hating. Especially the fact that you need a battery and we don’t. Darn.
Urban: Man whatever.

They get on my nerves.

Conversation with Mr. Conservative on our way to workout.

Urban: Dag, my IPOD won’t come on. My battery must have run down. Oh wait I got a battery.
Mr. Conservative (smirking): You want to use my IPod.
Urban: No I am good, I told you I took a battery from the remote.

We go running and you know the damn thing didn’t work because the batter was run down. (shut up). We are about to get in the car and I am joking with him.

Urban: You could have let me use your Ipod since you were not using it.
Mr. Conservative: Here we go. I asked you did you want to use it. I thought your “thing” was working?
Urban: Naw, the battery had no juice.
Mr. Conservative: I swear, I am just going to buy you an Ipod that thing you have is crazy.
Urban: Whatever. I like my Ipod.
Mr. Conservative: That is not an Ipod. I wish you would stop calling it that.

I still like my IPOD/MP3 player or whatever the hell I call it. I am so use to saying it, I am trying to be better, but guess what I don’t give a hell. It is whatever I call it damn it and if they want me to have a real one, then damn it they better buy me one because I have invested enough in all their asses.

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Adrienne said...

LMAO! That was funny lol. I call my DVR TIVO because thats what it was known as first lol.