Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I am so emotional right now

I just left Mr. Stefon and he is so cute. I don't know if I am emotional because I walked up all them damn steps or because my baby is starting the six grade. I think it is the latter. Wow, my baby won't be a baby soon. He asked his sister last night if middle school was hard and she yelled at him with her mean ass and I told her don't forget you asked the same when you began high school. On the way to school this morning he told me he hated making new friends and saying his name over and over and I told him. Look just remember this. Today is the first day and everyone is new and nervous. He gave me three hugs and a kiss and one of the teachers said aweeeee. He walked up and down the steps three times until I just left so that he could move on. I have pictures but can't load because I am on the bus.

I want a new baby. Maybe I will go and play with someone elses kid. Mr. Conservative told me hell no a week ago.

Oh well my physical isn't until 10 so I guess I will be going to union station and chill. Peace.


Carmell said...

thats what i do! i go play with someone else baby!!!! my BFF just had one a couple months ago. i go over get my baby fix then keep it moving!
i didn't know mr stefon was that old!!! i thought he was like 4 or 5. i was like dang hes doing the same stuff as my oldest little did i know hes around the same age as my oldest. mine wouldn't even let me take them to school on the first day.... none of them. i know Gino will not be having when he goes to the 6th grade next year... :(

Anonymous said...

lol @ mr. conservative! guess you can always volunteer to be a baby rocker lol

Anonymous said...

I just send my now 7th and 1st graders off on Wednesday too. I snuck up to the 7th graders classroom window to take a pic. They wanted me to leave as soon as they got to school. They can be so independent sometimes. I feel ya on the new baby thing.

Sheila said...

Mr. Conservative sounds like me when my Guy starts talking that baby stuff... un uh...not me... I'm too dayumm old for that.