Friday, August 14, 2009

say something else about my mustache!!

If her ass ask me about my mustache one more gin. We are going to play "eye say hi to the fist." I am going out so I go get my eyebrows did and homie says you want me to do your mustache too. Hell muthafreakin no. First off I don't have a damn mustache and if it is one iits gonna stay there. Hell I shave everything else ya dig. Anywho she got one more gin to ask me that crapola. So I will ask the husband. Let's see

A. Babe you think I. Have a mustache?
B. Is my mustache long enough to braid?
C. Do my mustache tickle you when I do that thing you like?

Get the fuck out of here! I'm off to the club. We be clubbing!!


Anonymous said...

Ctfu @ C lol

Sheila said...