Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The weekend: Comedy Club, Cookout, School Shopping

This weekend was great, except for some MINOR glitches. Let’s get to it. You know it has to be drama or some crazy shizznit wherever I am. The funny thing about it. I can’t stand drama and yet I am always close to it.

Friday - Comedy Club

My bff of 21 years and I went to a comedy/old ass hell club. My bff and almost everybody momma has been trying to get me to join Face.book. Well, I don’t want to. I don’t have time, plus I am not trying to reconnect with the people I went to high school with. People come and go for a reason. Well anyway, she has been going to the happy hours and kickball games. You name it - she has ditched the kid and husband to be there. She asked me to go to a comedy show because some dude from our school was performing. Do you remember???? Why must we play this game, you know I don’t. Let the drama begin.

We get there and get in the parking lot and was like DAMN, it smell like fried chicken. Man all you can smell is seasoning. While we are walking to the club these guys bump the horn. I kept walking, but she goes to the truck. She comes back looking all disturbed.

Urban: Whats up with you?
BFF: Girl, why he ask for my number?
Urban: Okay, and?
BFF: I told him, no I can’t do that I am married and he said good, so am I and showed me his ring. I just told him, okay good luck with that. Can you believe it.
Urban: Hell yeah. People are a trip and your ass was dumb going to the truck. What the hell you thought he wanted? PRAYER.
BFF: Shut up.

Get in the club and folks are hand dancing. I swear the men in the club average age was 60. Not mad at them, but damn. The comedy club was downstairs and while heading down we ran into the guy from school who was the host and a guy from school was a bouncer (maybe they have an internship for folks who went to our high school). The host stated he was going to sit us in the front because he knows we will try and hide. Damn, I sure was but we had good seats.

His set starts and he proceeds to tell us the rules of the club while he is performing. Now, while he is doing this two girls I actually remember from school comes in late (one I remember her name and the other just her mug). I KNOW Mug is about to break a rule. Why she comes in with the other girl, shock to see me she does the girlfriend thing we do. Hhheeeeyyy Girl and come and hug me. Why am I trying to dodge her grip because I know we are breaking a rule. Sure enough the comedian, gets on her. Now, if you were on time you could have handled all that. Now your interrupting my show. How come she wants to go word for word with him? Geez. After the comedy show we went upstairs to listen to the band that came later. We had a ball hanging out with Mug and the other chick.

Saturday - Hair Salon,Cookout

Hair - you already know about. I have decide to make orange, tomato and lemon juice out of the situation. It is what it is and it will work itself out. I can't stay in a negative place.

Cookout - I decided to go to a cookout my old coworker invited me to. He throws these big ass cookouts every year. Mr. Conservative, Mr. Stefon, myself and another BFF decided to go. Well while we are going in Mr. Conservative says…..

Mr. Conservative: You know we have to pay.
Urban: Stop bullshitting. No we don’t.
Mr. Conservative: Seriously, look.

Sure enough, there are ladies sitting in the corner with a money box and a sign saying $8.00. AND they even had the little orange bands to put on your wrist to show you paid.

MAN oh MAN you talk about someone who was heated!!! Mr. Conservative and BFF wanted to leave off of principle, but I convinced them to stay because I wanted to see some of the old folks.

What is crazy though. If my old homie would have told me we had to pay when he called me I would have gladly paid. I mean it was all you can drink alcohol and it was plenty. Ten bushels of crabs, Alaskan crab legs, shrimp, pig feet, seafood salad, steak. They went all out DJ, Picture Man, AND I heard an announcement that the Tattoo man was on his way (GTFOH). It was well worth the $8.00 but it would have been nice to know about it in advance, ESPECIALLY since I normally do not walk around with cash on me. I did have fun and saw some coworkers that I loved and exchange new numbers with because they were like older sisters/mommas to me. When I started working there I was 20/21 and left when I was 29. I grew up a lot there and they helped. I would have stayed there forever if the money was right, just because of the people.

Random folk, by nightfall there were about 200-300 folks there. I wonder how his neighbors felt about all the noise and parking?
Do you see the orange band and the picture background in the back?

I tried jello shots for the first time. Where the heck have I been. I love them, but them cute little cuddly things sneak up on you. I had about 6 or 9.

The purple and yellow was vicious they had rum and me no likey rum.

We also went to Columbia Mall this weekend. Anger Mgmt wanted to buy school clothes with the money she said up. So we had to go out there so she could go to one store dELIA. If you have a teenage girl, you know about this store, as well as Claires and Icing or whatever. She normally buys online but she wanted to see it in person, so we got Mr. Conservative to take us out there. She got some cool finds. It still amazes me when I see her shop an complain about the prices, because there are no complaints when she is shopping with me. One thing I can say is she goes to the clearance racks all the time. When she was little I use to always take her there first. My little mean baby is growing up.


gold said...

Wow what a weekend! Sounds like you had a good time. And yes those jello shot can sneak up on you.

cici said...

Wow.. that sounded like you had a blast. Watch it with the jello shots ♥