Thursday, March 26, 2009

Court Case Part I

I have to break this up it is too big or I won't post. So here goes.

Before my BFF went to NC I asked her. Did you do everything you are supposed to do before you leave, since you both have joint custody. She said yes, the courts suspended his custody for 1 year since he was stal.king her and they put the child on her protection order. The judge was aware of the case, he even argued against it in court, but it went in her favor. This case was held in a MD court, however, the original custody order was issued in DC.

Now, I remember saying I wanted to blog about a phone call I had with my friend and did not, well here it go.

BFF: Girl, why someone call here playing. Talking about they were going to try and swear me in over the phone and all this other crap.
Urban: Can they do that?
BFF: I do not know what is going on, so I hung up. I called Rockville and asked them can they do that, and they said they never heard of that, no.
Urban: I have never heard anything like that before.
BFF: Right, so I am changing my phone number. He is always doing something.

Fast foward to court case.

She told me she hired a lawyer, but he was in Europe and his partner was coming to represent her. She asked him what happens if the judge will not allow a continuance. He said he will ask for a break and call the attorney to ask him how we should proceed (WTF).

Enter Court Room.

Judge makes a statement: Mr. Dickwad I am glad BFF have an attorney with her today, because I need to know why I should not lock her up for contempt of court, that is my plan today.


Attorney mumble some crap, and asked for the continuance.

Judge: Mr. Dickwad, I gotta tell you, I read through your partner submission and I have no clue what he is talking about.

Pump your breaks partner where in the Hell did she get these fools from.

Deadbeat Lawyer stated, your honor, I was wondering the same thing. I have tried to talk to Dumb Attorney #1, but he has refused my call. Ms. BFF does not fit under any of the reasons to continue this case, etc, etc.

Judge: I am not allowing the continuance.
Dickwad: Your honor can I have a short recess to call my Partner?
Judge: NO, if I thought that letting you call your partner would work I would. But, Ms. BFF has done everything in her power to not let this man see his child since April 2007 and she HUNG UP on me when I called her. She did not appear in court in February and therefore, I awarded Mr. Deadbeat FULL CUSTODY. I am really tired and frustrated with this case. I need you to tell me why I should not lock BFF up for contempt of court?
BFF: Your honor can I say something.


Dickwad: Your honor she did not know that it was you, Mr. Fuckface has been harassing her and she has it noted, where she has called and complained of this. Also, until February 24th the child was on her protective order which suspended his visitations.
Judge: The judge in MD had no right to suspend his visitations; that is why after I contacted her she took the minor child off the protection order.

Judge: Look, I do not want to punish BFF. I believe a child should be raised by, both parents. We need to take a recess and have you two see if you can work out a deal because I should not have to do it.
Deadbeat lawyer: I tried your honor before, and nothing.
Judge: Things have changed, I believe it can be done.

Leave out the court room and my BFF is crying and can not be consoled because she isn’t used to someone yelling at her, and losing her child and may lose her freedom.

Deadbeat lawyer: Do you want to go somewhere and talk.
Dickwad: The judge gave us 10 minutes, I will talk in a minute.

Deadbeat lawyer shrugs her shoulder and this fool gets on the phone. WTF. He is calling Nige.ria and I am like sweetie, you need to talk to your lawyer because he is still on the phone and we need to get this resolved, you got a shot. This fool loses his connection calls again and cannot get through.

Court Clerk comes out and says the judge is ready for you. This fool says, can you ask for more time. She said I will try but I doubt it. I look at this fool and said. Sir, this is serious you were given time to negotiate. NEGOTIATE. The lady comes back out and said the judge is ready for you now. I AM HOT!! He THEN tries to talk to the other lawyer and she walks in the courtroom. He tries to talk to my BFF and hold her outside the court which means she will be late coming in. I said. LOOK, she is already in trouble, you had time to negotiate, not with her, but with the lawyer and you blew it we can’t be LATE going in, we already look bad. So he let her arm go and we go in.

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