Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Teamwork = Wii and Gingerbread house

Teamwork gone right.

As you all know we do not do Christmas in our house. Meaning, for the third year in a row we just gave the kids money and let them handle their business. No Santa for us, they had the WII for about two months now. They had to wait because it was sold out when we gave them the money on the 25th. I must say I do miss the shopping, but at the same time it is funny to watch the kids look for discounts when they are spending their own money. When Mr. Conservative asked them about it they said they were trying to make their money stretch. WTF.

The kids have been asking for a Wii and I told them that I was tired of buying video crap. They have everything, Playstation, PSP, Gameboys, Nintendo DS, again you name it they have it. Therefore, I told them, if you really want it put your money together. Well they did. I thought that was awesome, although me and Mr. Conservative did fork over money too, we split the money five ways, however Mr. Stefon did at the last minute tell us that he may not be able to put in with us, because he had a Lego set he needed to buy. Um partner, you are coming up off that cash.

Of course, I should have never put any damn money in because I never play the damn thing. I played boxing once and was tired as hell after the fact. They do like it though.

Gingerbread house

The kids made a gingerbread house and I never showed you. It was too funny. Anger Mgmt, was in charge of course. College boy tried to help and then finally I heard, you know what, you two do it I do not have time for the arguing. Then I had to go and referee because Mr. Stefon thought Anger Mgmt was controlling everything and she threatened to do bodily harm to him and I had to let her know who the HBIC was. I have no clue why she is so mean or where she gets it from. You meet her and she looks like an angel – well – not really. I asked them what happened to the backyard of the gingerbread house and her smart ass said she was trying to keep it real. I said what does that mean, she said look how daddy messed our yard up, so that is why I left it like that. He did mess our yard up.

Yes this an overdue post but you all know I am lazy. Cut me some slack, can I use sickness? What about mental?


Carmell said...

now i got to see a picture of your real yard!!! i love your kids! they crack me up. why is your yard jacked? what did he do to it??

gurl my son flips out when he sees worms... lady bugs whatever. and i'm evil with it... i will put it on him. it just makes no since to me. both of my boys have been terrified of bugs. no child of mine should be scared. i have played with bugs all my life. its just not right!... oh except spiders... now you wanna see me act a fool... let me see a spider.

Sha Boogie said...

That backyard is a mess! lol

I heard that the wii is a great workout, I still want one :(

Adrienne said...

Girl the wii is the HOTNESS! We LOVE ours lol.

SMH @ the gingerbread house lol

Sheila said...

I hear everyone raving about the Wii and your kids are too funny.

Anonymous said...

lol @ mr.stephon. he so damn funny!

i hear great things about the wii :)