Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Weekend

This weekend I discovered a lot about myself. It is time for me to evolve again. Damn. Just when I was loving the independent, crazy, I do not need nobody but my hubby, uncle, great-aunt, mommy and kids. I have learned that I want need HIM in my life and my family. Do not get it twisted he has always been there, but this weekend we had a heart to heart, somewhat, but that is for another post.

Friday, Mr. Conservative and I went to the National Harbor and since it was still warm outside we walked the harbor and was able to see the sunset. It was really nice and we picked the best restaurant, Grace Mandarin. I love these new Asian places where you can get your sushi and your other Asian food. So, he got his sushi (and I ate some of his) and I got my Triple Enlightenment (he couldn't have none of mine because of seafood hehe). It was aight. Although, I am known to be picky so whatever. We had fun though, I always do when I go out with him. We did note we need to upgrade our couple list because our group we have now is not cutting it, they are not trying to try anything new.

Did I tell you that I grade restaurants on their bathrooms? I HAVE to check the bathroom out and you will get points deducted. Well this bathroom was BEAUTIFUL!! I would have taken pictures, but I accidentally left my phone on the table.

While we were eating, I saw this guy get up and sit on the other side of the table with his lady friend. I pointed to my husband and was like look, he is sitting on the same side, as she is aint that sweet. Why my husband say, he better move his punk ass back to the other side of the table. Lawd, I thought I was going to die laughing. Shit was coming out my nose and I was supposed to be all lady like, I could not help it, it was too damn funny.

Saturday was my awakening; I went to North Carolina with my cousin/god-mother. I have to do a whole nother post on this one. I kinda realize I missed both sides of my family, but I should have seen this coming. Damn, this is why I try and not let my guard down. Oh and it was the road trip from hell.

Sunday, we took the kids to breakfast and then went to visit my MIL. Fun times, she pulled out the photo book and we looked at old pictures and some included me, how come some old pictures make you look like a hot mess, but when you took the picture, you just knew you were the shizznit. Oh and I saw this old couple - how come he slapped his wife booty - they had to be in their 70's. I was like damn they still doing it. I guess that is what my kids say. I asked my husband did he see that and he was like yeah I saw that shit. Vomit.

Oh and thanks for sending one up, but um, I am hoping for a C that test was vicious, I totally blanked out.


Anonymous said...

The test should be alright.

If your talking about the same HIM that I am, Chile, without HIM I'd be a complete and total mess. I have to believe that someone is right there with me through all of this. And no way else I could make it through.

Anonymous said...

lol @ youre hubbys reactions. lol hes a mess

Virtuous said...

1st before I comment on your beautiful awakening experience...YOU WHERE EXACTLY WHERE IN NORTH CAROLINA WOMAN?!?!?!?!!!!!

*Clears throat* Okay Now... :o)
GOD always has a way I letting you know it IS all about HIM!! So glad you listened.

And ain't it funny when you have the mose serendipitous moments then you also get the junk/drama behind it! Ugh!

LOL @ vomit I wanna have it like that at that age too! :o)