Tuesday, March 24, 2009

FO: Chevalier Mittens


Then there were two!!

Well I finished the Chevalier Mittens. I still don't like them that much, however they are very warm and I sure have been wearing them the past two weeks because of the up and down temps in Chocolate/Mocha City.

This was really a fast, easy knit. I just didn't have time with school and my focus was all over the place, but once you sit down, BLOW UP the chart because only an alien can read it you will be straight.

My only complaint is the thumbs. Mine looks like the head of a penis, or maybe that is just my mind, sorry it's always there. No, but seriously it does. If I made these mittens again, which I doubt, I would use a different technique for the thumbs.

The first picture is the actual color of the mittens. Luvs it, just not the penis thumbs.


Anonymous said...

lmao @ penis thumbs... i had to QUICKLY scroll back up to see. and ummmm err... yup. its small, but a penis none the less. lol

lol cute mittens you nut!

** and umm is this the most youve ever shown of your face on here? i think so

Christie said...

Hilarious thumbs.

Karine said...

Love the mitts! Especially the colour :)

Virtuous said...

YAY!!! I sooo want to knit this one day!! I luv them penis thumb and all! Haha (make note to change when I do them)

Carmell said...

those are cute. i tried gloves... i don't eve have to do those again!!!

Anonymous said...

I really love them. I think that they would be perfect for a really conservative overcoat. You know, like BLAM, now what, orange cable mittens. Wee-wee thumb and all.