Friday, March 06, 2009

Men are too funny

My girlfriends wanted to go out last night and I told them I will think about it. I rather go get drinks with Mr. Conservative so I called him.

Urban: What are you doing?
Mr. Conservative: Nothing.
Urban: You want to get a drink?
Mr. Conservative: Dang, I wish you would have said something earlier I started cooking.
Urban: GTFOH. What you cooking?
Mr. Conservative: Roasted Chicken, Jasmine Rice and Chard.
Urban: Dang, let me find out. You got tired of fending for yourself this week huh (I have been tired from studying so they have been making their own stuff).
Mr. Conservative: Well we can go out for drinks tomorrow or Saturday.
Urban: Yeah that’s cool, but I really feel like being out today, so I might go out with the girls tonight. They are talking about hooking up.
Mr. Conservative: Oh, okay.
Urban: I will be at the metro in about 30 minutes, see you then.

Get to metro, get in car.

Mr. Conservative: So where do you want to go to get drinks?

WTF, now didn’t you say you didn’t want to get drinks today, so why now you want to get drinks. Whatever. I get home, food is cooked. He then asked me do I want a drink. I tried to play hard to get and said, no I didn’t want anything. He made me one anyway, he knows my fickle ass by now. Nice, but the point was not to stay in the damn house.

My girls did call, but hell I was already pretty toasty so I stayed my ass home. Got cool points from the husband because he thinks I stayed home to be with him, but ur, nope, was tired.


Anonymous said...

whatev @ tired lol you know mr. c put his foot down. lol lemme stop playing.
glad u had a good evening at the crib with hubbyman.

Adrienne said...

ROFLOL!! Too funny. Tired lol tee hee llol.

Carmell said...

men are funny like that.. he didn't want you to go out and drink without him so he did it at home...