Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Phone Call - Part II

I returned Butterfly phone call.

Butterfly: What are you doing tomorrow?
Urban: Since it is warm, I will probably take the kids to this black/white photo exhibit downtown featuring this black artist from the early 20's.
Butterfly: Our cousin is dying and I wanted to know if you would ride with me tomorrow. I just want some company. I am going down to Rocky Mountain, NC and I am not staying the night, we will come back the same day. Can you ride with me?
Urban: Yes, I will go.

Hang up the phone. Look at Mr. Conservative and said, GOT DAMN!! Why do she want me to go with her? She has two daughter in laws. Furthermore, my mother wants to go down there. Why not ask her? I haven't done anything with her for years!!! NOW she wants to bond going to someone house who is dying!! you know I don't do good in that type of situation, I am going to fall apart.

Shit, it is going to be hot tomorrow and I really wanted to see that exhibit, I have been putting it off. PLUS, I have to study for my mid-term. UGH. I fucked up, I didn’t follow the rule of law. I should have asked her why, THEN, tell her I had to get my leg operated on or something.

See, I talk all this shit about keeping it real and then I punk up and say okay!!!!!! Give everyone else advice and then I bitch up.

So, in the morning I figured I could get out of it since my mother talked to me before about going down and seeing him, that is her age group and by the way that is the two families merging because Uncle June is from that crazy, now Christian side.

Called Ma Dukes EARLY in the a.m.

Urban: Hi mommy, what you doing?
Ma Dukes: Nothing.
Urban: Butterfly is coming to pick me up and we are going to North Cakalacky, you want us to pick you up.
Ma Dukes: You going with who? (um, did I tell you my mother is jealous of Butterfly & I old relationship because there really isn’t one now). How that come about? When did you start talking?
Urban: (I told her about the phone call) So you want us to come get you or better yet you can ride down with her and I will stay here and study. Where are you at? What is all that noise in the background?
Ma Dukes: Oh, I am on my way to Baltimore, I am going to Bingo.



Anonymous said...

smh..betta learn the power of NO

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I can't help but laugh at ya.

I know, call her up with Stephon in the background. Tell him that as soon as you pick up the phone to start whining his ass off and faking vomit noises. Tell Butterfly that it doesn't look like you'll be able to make it because of recent developments. Apologize profusely and promise that you'll try to work something out with child care but Mr. Conservative has to work.

You see where I'm going with this. I would lie my ass off!

cici said...

I say go for it.. It will be your good deed for the year. Then next time it will make it easier for you to do whatever you want♥