Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Update: Cousin, Dropoff, Mother, Backyard, Midterm


Butterfly called me Sunday and told me my cousin died Saturday. Yup. I talked to my Uncle on the phone for like three hours Friday and we decided that we would go down next weekend once he got his car looked at to see Cousin June. Well, the decision to make now is – do we bring him back up here with family or leave him in N.C. He moved down to N.C. because his sister bought a couple houses down there and she wanted him to look after them. We really do not have family down there, well we do, but my uncle said that we haven’t seen them in over 30 years (I ain’t never seen them). My uncle said it will cost a lot of money so we might as well leave his ass down there. My husband thinks it is a waste of time as well, because he does not believe you should visit grave sites. I personally think that he should be up here, but that is just my opinion.


I have no clue how I did on my exams. If I had to guess I would say I probably got a C. Well, at least I am hoping for a C (I have never REALLY hoped for a C, but um, I will take it). I could not remember anything, so yeah, hoping for a C. She was not in class yesterday, she let us use her husband and I tell you I was begging people to stab me in my eye so I could leave the class. He was dry as hell and I can’t imagine he teaches History for High School. No wonder PG County have a high drop out rate – I’m just saying. My other class, I was late because of the court hearing, but it only took me 5 minutes to complete, maybe less. I hope I was not too fast, because I didn’t check over it; I had other crap on my mind, so yeah. I should get that back tomorrow.

Court Case

Well, my god-daughter had to go with her no good father on Friday. She was very excited when I spoke to her earlier in the day, but you know four year old are like that. UNTIL, she got closer to the time. She started saying she wanted to stay at grandma and grandpa house and maybe go to daddy house next time. Well, that was not the case. She got there and would not release her mother’s leg and when the father asked her to come here she screamed no, no, I don’t want you.

I will do a post tomorrow or one day this week, to let you know the whole scoop.

Bingo/Mother Health

Ma Dukes hit the lottery and have spending like she is Big Bank Harrietta. She took us out to eat and kept trying to slide me money. Now look a here. I NEED some money, but not right now. My mother needs it way more than I do. She is going to a cardiologist today, so we will see. She has habits she needs to change, say she is going to change and then don't so. You know what my mom told me and she should live by? A hard head makes a soft ASS.


Carmell asked, what happened to the backyard, after the kids ACCURATE Description of the backyard with the gingerbread house. Well Mr. Conservative decided we needed to pull the grass up. I TRIED to tell him how hard it would be. Back breaking labor (momma ain't built for that). But nope, he said it should not be that hard because it is a small back yard. Well, he was right it is a small backyard, but it is still work. ESPECIALLY when your not using the proper tools. So, by the time he finished and half assed put down them grass seeds. Well its jacked up - except for my flowers which were not touched because they are on one side of the fence and he was not allowed to mess with them.


Anonymous said...

so sad @ drop off... very sad. :(

Carmell said...

i'm glad i don't have to deal with the drop off drama! my kids love they daddy... even when i didn't.
sorry to hear about your cousin... make uncle move!
ok! why is it when woman get older they start acting like teens again!! my mama is the same way. i have to get on her more than my kids. WHY?? you a grown ass women! a grown ass able woman at that! i am not taking care of you! geeze

Carmell said...

where the picture of the backyard... and why did he feel the grass needed to come up? i'm stumped!

Anonymous said...

I was supposed to do yard work on Sunday, but decided instead that I'll let a land scaper give me a quote first. I don't think I can deal with agressive weeds again this year.