Thursday, March 26, 2009

Court Case Part II

Judge: Did you all come up with an agreement.
Deadbeat lawyer: No your honor I tried, but he was on the phone the entire time.
Judge: DICKWARD, I told you to go out and negotiate. If I thought calling your partner would change things, I would have called him MYSELF. I want the minor child here in 3 hours, Full Custody to Mr. Deadbeat.

BFF starts crying.

Deadbeat lawyer: Your honor we are ready to negotiate.
Judge: I want the minor child here in 3 hours, if she is not I will lock up BFF.

Deadbeat lawyer: Can I approach the bench.
Judge: Yes

I am watching this and figured that her attorney is telling the judge that the child is in NORTH CAR.OLINA and he is shaking his head and turning red.

The judge swears her in, ask if she was in school, name of school, her address, when she went down. She gave all info.

BFF: Your honor, Fuckface saw his daughter in Sept 08 and everything went downhill from there. I never meant to keep him away from his child, he always had access to her UNTIL the judge in MD suspended his visitation rights. She then proceed to talk about the harassment and stalking stuff.
Judge: We are not here to discuss the protection order, that is for another judge to decided.

GTFOH, I said to myself, hmph, so this is how women get killed.

Deadbeat Lawyer: Your honor we do not want her to leave the courtroom. She was suppose to be arrested and the orders did not go through correctly. I would like her arrested now. I do not believe the child is in North C. because she filed another claim in MD in January and she used a MD address can you ask her about that.
Judge: Frankly, I agree with her can you answer that.
BFF: Yes, I have been in North C. and still live there. I used a MD address, because my address is SEALED, remember he is stalking me.
Deadbeat Lawyer: I still don’t believe her.
Judge: Do you have some type of proof that you reside in NC
BFF: Yes, my driver license.

She hands up the driver license and it shows she moved to NC in beginning October. The judges said well, everything matched what she told us. Her address she gave, the date she moved.

Deadbeat Lawyer: Your honor we don’t want her to leave she might flee.

WHAT THE FUCK, she has NEVER been in trouble before where is she going.

Dickwad: Your honor, she has given sworn testimony and she knows that if she lied she has perjured herself, what more do the lawyer want her to do.

Judge: He’s right.

Dickwad: Your honor my client is willing to negotiate. She wants everything to stay like it is and he can keep the child on the weekend.
Judge: Dickwad. I don’t think your client wants that because I GAVE CUSTODY TO FUCKFACE IN FEBRUARY and I don’t care what your client is WILLING to do. You might want to try again.
Deadbeat lawyer: Your honor, I have practice family law for 20 years. My client would like to have her in the summer and winter holidays.
Dickwad: Your honor my client would like to go back to the original agreement with him having her on the weekend.
Judge: YOU don’t get it. I do not care what she wants. Can you talk to me the way your suppose to!
Dickwad: Your honor we propose that the child stay with the mother because she is in school and he gets her on the weekend.
Judge: That’s better, but that was the original agreement and now that she is in North Carolina I don’t see how that is going to work. Also, she is 4 so I don’t see how her being taken out of school causes a problem.

I hear Dickwad talking to my friend and I hear her say no! Well will it be permanent and he said no.

Dickwad: Your honor we propose that the child go with the father full time and my client have every weekend.

I am sitting there saying NO, why the hell are you all giving everything, when he don’t want that!!!!! Her aunt is waving her hand all over the court room like the judge is going to call on her and he finally said. I don’t know who that is raising their hand but I am not answering them this is between them. A court attendant told her she does it again, she will be held in contempt.

His attorney looked at him and said do you want her full time and they both started smiling and said that sounds good to us, however, my client wants to spend time with her too and he can’t do that if she has her every weekend.

WAIT, he has her during the week come on now.

Well my BFF agreed.

She was given 48 hours to bring the child back and she gets to visit with the child on 1st and 3rd full weekend with exchange at the police station.

When she bought her up here for the exchange she was really happy as she got closer not so much. When she saw her dad she freaked out and said she did not want to go with him and was clinging to my BFF leg. The police told him to take her.

Oh and the little girl is already in counseling in NC because of her father by the way, but um yeah.

Someone looking/sitting in on this case. I was totally blown at the fact that the lawyer was SO incompetent. I could have represented her better. First of all the judge kept saying April 2007 was the last time he saw his child which was not true he saw her September 2008 that is when everything went down with him. Also, the judge in MD had her on the protection order and when she removed her, it still states that she is removing the child with prejudice and that he is a threat. AND, I never been in trouble before so I would never think that you can swear someone in over the phone. She called Rockville, problem is she needed to call DC. Also, HE ONLY WANTED SUMMER & WINTER. This dude gave away EVERYTHING. When I asked my BFF about it, she said he kept telling her to do it because they were going to lock her up. Aint that some shit.

The judge had every right to be HOT if someone is not doing what they are suppose to I am just happy that she did not get locked up and that he only have her until the end of April every thing will be decided then. I too believe a child should have both parents and I still think it is some other shady shit going on, but hey I already wrote a lot.

I told her, the problem with your case is Fuckface had a real attorney and you had a fuckup. I said you can keep using these people if you want to. She said, well the one on vacation is good. I said, oh really, the one who submitted documents and the judge didn’t know what the hell it was. I don’t think so. I said if the drug boys ain’t teach you shit, make sure you PAY for a real attorney, how else do they get out of shit when it is blatant (sometimes anyway). So as of Monday she got a REAL attorney and left them Wanksters alone. I asked her where in the HELL did she get them from and she said a mutual friend used them and got custody for all her daughters.

Men be careful who you lay down with if your not strapped and same thing ladies. His ass didn't turn into a fool overnight. I saw evil in his eyes when I first met him and so did everyone else. She chose to ignore it and look where she is. He does not want full custody of the child but hey, why not.


Carmell said...

OMG!!! this don't even sound right! i hope things work out for your friend.
to add to your PSA... not only be careful who you procreate with.. watch out for that heffa/asshole they with now.

this dude sounds like my sisters Nubabydaddy. i have my nephew right now while she in TX because that muthafucka is crazy and evil and his now wife is just stupid. i am so glad mine ain't like that!

Adrienne said...