Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Road Trip Part III

So, I packed my textbook, notebook, pens, pencils, highlighter, book - Sense and Sensibility, knitting projects. Just in case I got bored. I am trying to figure out what the hell we are going to talk about.

We get on the road. Hook up the I.p.od because she does not know what she is doing and then work out the Gar.min so we don’t end up in Timbuktu.

The awkwardness was not there though, we fell back inline. Started asking regular questions. She said she wanted to see my cousin because the doctors said there was nothing else they can do for him, and when they said that about her brother (my godfather) she didn’t get back in enough time to see him before he died. She figured we could use some bonding time.

Talked about school, family, life. BOOKS. She is one of the reasons why I love books. I remember as a little girl climbing in to bed with her and reading together and when I got older I still climbed in the bed because we were both scared reading Mary Hig.gins Cl.ark earlier books (before the watered down crap she does today). Of course when I was older it was easier for me to climb into bed because at this point her and my uncle got a divorce. I can say one thing about her and my great-aunt, once they were divorced I never saw them with another man, meaning they never brought anyone around. If they were doing their business they did it without the watchful eyes of kids and I think that is a good thing. I think women bring too many men around their kids before they even know if they want to be bothered with them.

I enjoyed the conversation the whole way down UNTIL she said. I don’t know what to expect when we get down here. Well you know it is not talked about but uncle got AIDS.

Ya’ll I got really pissed!!!!!!!! I did not say anything to her but mentally I am thinking WHAT THE FUCK!!! Don’t you think you should tell someone that BEFORE just taking them on a ride just in case they have a problem with that. I mean seriously, I can’t deal with shit like that.

Then, I had to say hold up BIATCH (yes, I talk to myself). You have been doing reports on HIV and AIDS since you were in the sixth grade. You know how it is contracted and you know how it is spread. Furthermore, you have worked in a dialysis office with AIDS patients AND I would never have met Me.thod, my favorite rapper back in the day if it wasn’t for a patient who daughter was kicking it with him, (I still got my picture). This is your family, what’s the problem? I stopped being pissed because I realized I was being stupid and ignorant.

We get to the house and I was shocked to see other family members there that I haven’t seen in a long time. I mean these little babies are little girls with boobies and BIG ASS BUTTS. My family have them, but I was missed, I have a tiny one and let me tell you I am not jealous any more because them donks were too damn big, like two kids can ride at the same time big. I got much love from everyone and another great-aunt was there – she is so beautiful.

So, my grandma sister was there, her son, and her daughter (the meanies), and her children (minus my fav cousin) and her children. Even my uncle who is in the hospital wife (found out she has been a reverend since 2000 w/her own church) was there, although they have been divorced for years.

My uncle was not there, they did not release him from the hospital because his pressure went up so we went to visit him.

Hospital Visit coming next.

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