Thursday, March 05, 2009

Highwaters, Mr. Stefon, Swagger

How come we can’t give up stuff sometimes? Like when MJ came back and played for the Wizards. Come on it was over, you should go out on top. Speaking of such...

Last night I decided to put on my pj’s before my telephone meeting with some classmates. While getting my regular ole pj’s I spotted some old ones sitting on the side and was like oh snap, I forgot I had these pj’s. Dang, where have they been – top and bottom and they are Donna Karan. Wow, I got some named pjs, let me slide in these. Welcome back to the team pj's. Hmph, why haven’t I been wearing them? Here’s why!!

Lawd, do you see them high waters. I called Anger Mgmt and said, ur, do you need some pj’s? She came out her room, took one look at me and fell on the floor dying laughing. She said, YES if you are talking about them smedium pajamas. I so wish I could have took a picture of her laying on the ground laughing. I had College boy take a picture of me stuntin in my pj’s which I did not take off, until I went to bed damn it…my ankles were kinda cold.

I got my swagger back ya’ll!! Today is my last day on the steroids. I can now get into Major League Baseball, oops, I forgot they let you in regardless. Some bullshit, they knew and condoned people taking the shit. Whatever. The only mark I have left from that day is the bruise from one of the many needle sticks.

Mr. Stefon still has no clue. I told Mr. Conservative what happened. I left something in the garage, so by the time I got in the house I head Mr. C questioning him – of course he did not see me and when his father said I heard you were acting up this morning, is there a problem. He said, I wasn’t acting up. WTF. I am in the stairwell listening and Mr. C repeated it and he said again he didn’t have a damn problem., nothing happened. An intelligent person would assume that when I showed my face and I asked him the same thing that this child of mine would say, oh you mean this morning and spill the beans. But NO, not my child, this fool, with his baby face, looked at me and said, what are you talking about? Mr. Conservative said, well look man someone is telling a lie, gotta be you or your mother. Why I swear that boy looked at me like he wanted to say – dad, it’s her.

Did I tell you how my Christian side of the family shook my brother before saying “I rebuke you.” Why I wanted to do it to him Lord, Jesus. When I was little that scared the mess out of me, but I thought that was the funniest thing, I still do, I tease my brother about it today… remember that time when…... dang that bought back another smile, I think I will call him.

The snow from my kitchen window. Yeah, and good riddance.


Anonymous said...

lmao!! you and those flood pants! lol

Carmell said...

they are pj's! who cares if they flooding... its not like you going out! i don't wear clothes to bed... which is what i consider PJ's i get to hot even in the dead of winter.
my son cannot lie. he sucks at it. thats a big time plus for me. i always know. So what did Mr. C do to Mr. Stefon???
ya'll got SNOW!!! we up here in shorts!!! we'll not really.. the pale people are... my son included but its pretty warm here.