Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Please say a prayer for me

If it is not one thing its another. Please say a prayer for me.

1. Remember my girlfriend who went to N.C. to get away from the baby daddy who was trying to do her harm and she put numerous prote.ctive orders against. Well he has filed charges. I asked her did she file her papers correctly before she even went to N.C. and she told me yes, that they suspended his visitation for one year. Well she got papers delivered to her parents house, let alone a couple weeks ago she received a text message stating her throat was going to be cut and some more crap. Well she called me this morning very nervous and now I will be taking off work to be with her.

2. My mom called me she is in the ER and they have decided to keep her. She called me last night and told me she didn't feel that good and she "might" go. I told her to please go, or I will come get her and make her. She said she will go because she has been having pains for a couple "weeks". Sigh. Well, I turned my phone on before leaving the house and it was her. They are keeping her, they don't like how her EKG looks.

3. My mid-term is today. I studied. It's only 25 true/false, but with all this stuff going on I hope I can focus.

4. My Uncle has been blowing up my phone because he wants me to do a project for him so it can look professional. However, I don't have time. I am trying to get some work done, and I have to leave. I hate telling him no, but he will get a no today unless he comes over my house to do it. I told my mother this when I spoke to her five minutes ago and her crazy self said, He got a computer he need to get his sorry wife or his kids to type it, its not your responsibility tell him no. See, I can tell him no, but I hate to disappoint him with something so small. There are only a couple people I hate disappointing and he is one of them.

What did I say about having a drama free life? Oh well, please send a couple of for me. THANKS.


Anonymous said...


you cant be everything for everybody. ok?!

Anonymous said...

God is able.