Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why do young girls want to be skrippers?

I would k.i.ll my daughter if I saw her on doing some dumb ass shit, like this or on Mau.ry who the baby daddy is? I can't take it.

First off I hate this song. What the hell is a stank.y le.g? I know we did crazy shit, but damn we didn't record it. I hate to see what they pull off of for the next prez in 20 years.

These little girls out CHERE!! Please mentor a young girl, because I mean wow. They record falling and getting messed up. When I was coming up, you did not want to be caught busting your ass, let alone recorded.

Moving on.


KnitFloozy said...

Can you say my child would get the stanky leg broke off in her for this mess?!?!?! Man oh Man!!!

Karine said...

I'm not even going to play that mess. Shake my damn head.

Carmell said...

that girl in the white pants was gettin it!! but damn if i catch my daughters doing some shit like this. we danced but never nothing like this... and damn sho didn't record it. supposedly this young ladies are in college... but still! they can't find anything better to do with their time and money???

De-Stress with Cooking, Knitting and Crochet said...

Girl I feel you. I hate this song. I swear they come up with a more ignorant song every year. I really want to slap the hell out of the fool who's offering record deals!