Friday, March 06, 2009

Ran.dom Tests - Pure Comedy

It is only 11:05 how can I hear so much drama already.

Drug tests

My husband works at a grocery store and they decided to do ra.ndom dru.g tests. PURE COMEDY.

Druggie #1 – Druggie you need to go and take a drug test. His response - oh well, took his apron off and was like I’m out. WTF. They were like damn dude you might as well get tested and get a couple more days work before the results come in. He said, shit, I know my shit dirty. Bye.

Druggie #2 – Druggie we need you to come back and get tested. Her response – to go and ask other coworkers could they pee for her. Finally, someone gave her some urine in a plastic glove, of course the lab techs said this urine is diluted we can’t take this AND other coworkers ratted her out saying she was asking me for pee. They told her we need to do a swap of your mouth. How come she went and ate a pickle and then didn’t do the second part of the test. Hold up. But came back the work the next morning like shit was cool. Bitch you fired.

Druggie #3 - Druggie we need you to come back and take a test. This fool go and get Listerine. Fired.

He said people were getting ghost quick as shit. Could hardly find people.

People what is Lis.ter.ine and a pickle gonna do to a damn test? The shit stays in your system for a very long time. Companies are not playing out here and it is easy to fire you for it. What is really sad…..most companies require a drug test to GET a job let alone keep. So, um, won’t they have to wait a couple months before trying to get another job.


So much to write today, I got another story about a guy who just had a baby and telling the whole family and um, its not his wife. Just wow.


Sha Boogie said...

the drug test will get you ery time! i know someone that gave up a good city job because they couldn't put down the maryjane to pass a drug test *smh*

Anonymous said...

lmao listerine?! lol a hot mess!

Adrienne said...


Carmell said...

WTF!!! how is that gonna help!