Thursday, March 26, 2009

You betta watch what you say to me!!

I have been on an emotional roller coaster for the past month. Don't know why. One minute tears or damn near close to it. Now I am angry. I am just irriated. I have been snapping at everyone or can't take the dumb shit. Normally I roll my eyes or whatever, but Nope. Someone looking at me too hard, I need to find out WHY ALL EYES ON ME. A classmate asking a dumb ass questions - I want to see your degree, because you should not be in Grad school asking what is an action verb GTFOH. Women and men making REPEATED dumb mistakes and then get with the dude and then come running back to you asking what should you do. Bitch leave his ass, he cheated 20 times (no joke), there will be a next time. I just can't. I have been MEAN. Mr. Conservative ain't talking to me right now, because he knows when I need my space. I snapped at his ass, so he knows after 17 years to fall back. Anywho, this is my anthem this morning.

Maybe its the music I listen too? NOPE.

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