Tuesday, March 17, 2009

La Familia Part I

Friday (2 weeks ago), after we got home from our outing Mr. Conservative told me I had a phone call from my Godmother/cousin Butterfly.

I thought that was odd because we have not spoken that much. I speak to her mother faithfully because she is like my grandmother. I actually sent her a curt email a couple months ago. I guess I should give some background story before I get into the juice of this so this may be broken into parts.

Okay, I told you all before that I really do not deal with family. Not because they did anything to me, just I do not have time for drama. I LOVE my drama free life. Call me when there is a wedding, funeral or graduation and I will put my best foot forward and will be there for support other than that keep my name out your mouth and I will do the same. See, I have witness many relationships where it’s he said she said, you know Carolyn sleeping with so and so and Uncle Buck is locked up again. I do not have time. I learned a long time ago, if you surround yourself with positive people you will bring about positive things. Really. I will cut you off QUICK, with no problems. You can only be in my life if I let you.

Last November there was a family meeting with the Christian side again because my cousin/godbrother moved back up from Florida with his beautiful family and my mother was back up from Georgia so they had a dinner for both of them. It was nice and all and we said we would keep in contact. Okay cool. I sent Butterfly an email and she didn’t respond. THEN she finally sends me an email months later trying to get info on my mother. So, I kindly sent her an email and said, How come you are responding to my email now, I emailed you months ago furthermore why are you treating me like a bald head stepchild, if you would prefer for me not to send you emails I will quit and if you want information from my mother call HER. She was hurt by my email and said such and that she wanted to do something for her mom with my mother and all so I jumped the gun but I do not care. I told her I talk straight up so I said what I felt. Whatever, you was pissed because I called you on it.


My family is/was broken into two sections when I was growing up the Christians and the Non-Christians. I grew up with the Christians. That meant I went to church almost EVERY day and 2 or 3 times on Sunday. I performed in the church plays, choir (can not sing a lick) and performed in the Spring Concerts with our Spring dresses and all. Fun times. My aunt was married to a reverend and her three daughters all married reverends, the only one who didn’t follow the trend was my cousin/godfather.

Off topic: I come from a family were the cousins, if they are a certain age are called your aunt or uncle. Also, I have three sets of god parents (THANK GOD) two were brother and sisters, my mother told me they fought all the time on who was going to be what so I had my Uncle Crazy and his Wife, his sister Butterfly and her husband and my godmother from NYC and her husband. Okay back to the story.

Well, I started hanging out with my favorite cousin Blackie because we went to the same High School. We had a ball together he took me to my second concert with New Edition, and then BBD and I didn’t have to pay nothing. You could not tell me NOTHING. I was in that piece. Although I was ready to hurt him because he tried to set me up with one of his friends that looked like he was special. How come I faked sleep the whole weekend I was over his house. If we were on the front porch and that fool came on the porch my ass would fall out like I was sleep. NOT ME SON!! So, I returned the favor and hooked him up with a gremlin. Anywho, HIS family was the not Christian yet side. LAWD their mouths were like mine now. They would curse the neighbor, family member AND their kids slam out and I am not talking the little ones I am talking EVERYTHING. Damn!!! My mom could and still does curse her ass off, but she never used the language with us I was shocked. Oh and the time I went over one of his aunts house and she punched her daughter in the chest and also called her a Bitch AND she also walked around smoking a funny cigarette!!! By the way her daughter was young and did nothing to be treated like that, it was just how they were. They are ALL now in the church too.

Um, I was allowed to go over no more after I told my mother and stepdad what was going on. However, my mom was close with both sides at certain times in her life. But the problem I began to have is they were so MEAN, like would talk about my other side of the family in front of me when they knew how I felt and shit. I was just a kid.

With all that said it did not mess up my relationship with my cousin, we are still tight.

The phone call, road trip and family again coming soon.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, man. I'm feeling like you were kinda being cold to your cousin. Although she could have told you why she was asking for the information first so it wouldn't seem like she was just being nosey.

I'm with you on the staying away from drama though. I've always tried to remain neutral. But, my mom just always tried to avoid folk as much as possible. I thought that she should just forgive and try to move forward. I don't EVEN get along with my moms, but when I saw how they treated her after she was gifted some money from a deceased cousin. MAN! Don't none of them even call me no more, cause they know I was on their side and they showed they asses big time.

Come to think of it. If any of them ever call me out the blue, I ain't holding back a word should they try to bring it outta me. So, guess you know whatchoo doin, lol.